Abandoned property

Abandoned Property is different than unclaimed property. The property that’s abandoned is usually left behind intentionally and permanently. For example, property at a storage unit auction is considered abandoned when the tenant stops paying the space rent.

Then, after the time prescribed by law, the contents are sold to the highest bidder at auction. In my state I believe the rules are under the California Business and Professions Code Div. 8, Special Business Regulations and Chapter 10, Self Service Storage Facilities.

Conversely, if you are interested in unclaimed property, you can check with your own state controller office for any unclaimed property by doing a search on the site’s search engine. Each state usually has its own unclaimed property database.

Storage unit auctions are a great way to find deals on abandoned household items. These units are auctioned off because of bankruptcies, death, sickness, and for possible reasons beyond someone else’s control.

But, their loss will be your gain if you are the high bidder at auction. Often, contents can be sold for a quick profit. And, where you will resell everything depends upon which treasures are hidden within each unit.

For example, you may be able to sell some of the items listed on an online auction or ad, at a flea market or by placing small ads in your local paper.


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