Where do you find auction property?

Storage auction property is relatively easy to find. All one has to do is look in his local
paper under public notices or lien sales. Usually, auction contents of each unit up for bid are generally listed so you at least have some idea what you will be bidding on.

You will though have to attend each auction to determine what’s inside each unit to weigh for yourself whether it’s worth bidding on. During auction, you are not allowed to walk inside each unit or disturb anything, so you will depend upon certain signs by your own experience to gauge the value of the contents. For example, if the unit is sloppy and filled with a lot of items within trash bags, you might want to pass that one by.

A good unit would probably be one with older looking furniture or with a lot of old tools and other items nicely organized and stacked up. Maybe, the locker will be a little dusty, with a long unvisited appearance of nothing being tampered with.

If items are in newer boxes or even old boxes which have been nicely taped and contents marked visibly on each box, this is also a good sign of value one should definitely take into consideration during bidding.

If you have decided to bid at your first auction, bring at least a couple hundred dollars in cash. Units are often dark, so bring a good flashlight with new batteries. Sometimes, people are a bit aggressive when looking into each unit and push their way in front of you. Try not to take it personally; because it’s not against you, it’s simply part of bidding at the storage auctions.


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