Auction sites to find bargains

There are a variety of auction sites one can visit on the internet. Auctioneers have their own individual sites and freelance for different companies in auctioning off their merchandise to the highest bidders. One of the best auctions I know of for a one man shop is called

storage unit auctions. There are plenty of items you can resell for a profit after winning the bid.

It’s easy to find where these kinds of auctions are. All you have to do is look in your local paper under ‘lien sales’, or easier still visit your closest storage unit and talk to the manager. But, probably the best way to stay abreast of where and when the auctions are is to get on an auctioneer’s email list.

What attracts many to this type of business is the freedom of movement it allows, and what I call the ‘WOW’ factor. You don’t have to wake up in the morning at any particular time and aren’t pressed to show up anywhere during the day unless you feel like it. I know it made my day when I bid on and won a storage unit that I found a few ‘Morgan silver dollars’ in.

Many things are hidden from view inside each locker, because you are not allowed to go into the unit which is up for bid. You soon learn what signs to look for before you start bidding. What’s even more interesting is that one person may see something valuable no one else sees.

That’s what happens when you get more and more experienced in this business. You start seeing clues as to what valuables could be inside the boxes or crates in units at the storage unit auction.


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