This page tells a little history about me and why I created Storage Auctions Income. When I retired, I soon got bored and began looking for a way to make extra income to supplement my retirement checks. No matter what business you get into, it takes time to make a profit. But, in the meantime you will get legitimate tax write offs that will lower your taxable income once you decide to go into business for yourself.

I was in construction for over 38 years. I created this website because I know how excited you will get to bid at storage unit auctions and win a locker full of hidden treasure. This is the ‘WOW’ factor that will keep traveling from auction to auction.

I started this site as a basic guide to help the beginner bidder get started in the storage unit auction business. I reveal some of the pitfalls so you can avoid them.

Believe me, once you feel the excitement of winning your first unit you will be hooked returning again and again. That’s the part I loved the most about it, going to auction and bidding on units I thought had something valuable behind its doors. You too will catch the fever when you feel the frenzy in the air at auction time.